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MTV Movie Awards 2016 - The Red Carpet

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Please bear with me with this blog post as reviewing fashion and the Red Carpet is something completely new to me, but I feel that with my jewellery designs and the fact I look at celebrities and designers for inspiration and colour palettes I felt it would be good to give it a go! So here we go:

The Ladies

Photos from Elle, US Magazine, Vanity Fair, E Online & Huffington Post.

1. Anna Kendrick - I love how understated his look is, yet Anna still looks like a A-List celebrity. The gold details on the dress matches the gold lines on the handbag and earrings.

2. Ashley Rickards - I picked this outfit because it was one of very few I could see myself wearing (ask my friends and they will agree I'm not a dress wearer!). I love Ashley's hair swept back accentuating her cheek bones. A delicate necklace, bracelet and earrings add to the outfit but don't take away for the glitz of Ashley's top. That handbag is to die for! I need it in my life! :)

3. Cara Delevingne - this lady is so pretty, I think you could probably put her in a bin-bag and slouchy slippers and she would still look amazing. Cara's jewellery is modern and the lines match her top so well. Cara's abstract braid sweeping across the side of her head just adds intrigue to the look. I think this look is one of my favourites - formal with a twist which is perfect for the MTV Movie Awards.

4. Gigi Hadid - apart from the unbuttoned shirt, this look is very office chic but somehow still works for an awards evening. I love the colour of her shirt and feel that this will be a colour combination I will try with my jewellery (yellow and grey). Gigi's layered necklaces are en pointe for the current season and I think really add to this outfit.

5. Grace Helbig - I must admit I chose this outfit for the colour - in a sea of dark dresses this one shouted so loudly at me! Grace's fun, funky personality perfectly matches this dress and her Ice-cream Van clutch just takes it to the next level! Yet another bag I need in my life!

6. Emilia Clark - so this choice needs a disclaimer! I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and therefore love Emilia! Daenerys is one of my favourite characters (who doesn't love someone who has dragons) but I am very aware this is a dangerous statement to make knowing how George R.R. Martin likes to kill characters off! This dress looks fantastic on Emilia and I had to have a closer look at the pattern before realising it was faces. Her clutch is fabulous (add it to the list!). Emilia's rings look fantastic but the jewellery part of me wishes she was wearing a sparkly silver bracelet or necklace which would just add to the overall look.

7. Kat Graham - I must admit the fashion commentators liked this outfit more than I did, I think Kat looks stunning and the dress suits her but I'm not that struck on it myself. Kat's bracelet, rings, clutch and shoes really add to the look and tie it together nicely.

8. Kendall Jenner - her legs go on and on and on... and on - you get the point! Her tied shoes just add to this along with the high split in her dress. Kendall looks amazing - her dark jewellery and swept back hair finish this look so well. I always worry about using dark stones in my pieces but feel this look might have changed my opinion!

9. And last but not least - Queen Latifah - a full white outfit is a brave choice and not one that I would make! The pop of colour in Queen's clutch add interest as does the silver and black jewellery. Oh and don't get me started on that ring.... wow!

So there you have it, my first review of ladies fashion and accessories on the Red Carpet, did you get this far? What do you think? I think I probably have a lot to learn but I have always enjoyed looking at what the celebrities are wearing to these glamorous events!

I feel to even this post up a little we need to see some handsome men too!

So I am a bit torn when it came to the men's Red Carpet looks for the MTV Movie Awards. I know MTV is a more relaxed award show than others but still feel male celebrities should make an effort like the ladies do. So, here is a mixture of the smart and not so smart!

Photos from: E Online & Entertainment Weekly

1. Neil Brown Jr. - I do have a weakness for checks and tartans and so this jacket to me is fabulous and Neil looks great in it. I feel that this a great formal look for an awards show!

2. Chris Pratt - I need to say I love Chris Pratt, I think he is a fantastic actor but I'm not sure if this look is really for an awards show. Chris's blue leather jacket is a great choice but I would have liked to see it paired with black jeans rather than blue for a slightly more formal look. What do you think of this look for the Red Carpet?

3. Ed Skrein - this was probably the most formal of all the male looks and I think Ed pulls it off so well. Instead of a black 3 piece suit, he chose a wonderful shade of purple - I think he looks great.

4. Stephen Amell - once again this very much on the casual side - i could see Stephen wearing this to a basketball game rather than the Red Carpet. I think Stephen looks great but trainers (sneakers) on the Red Carpet.... REALLY?!?!

So what do you think of the male Red Carpet looks? Do you think some of the men should smarten themselves up a little? Or is casual the right way to go?

Well that's all from me for now! Thanks for reading and well done if you survived this epic blog post!

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